Thursday, 12 October 2017

Halloween Critters...

At The Season's Story you will find Violetility with their  'Autumn Lantern', two varieties for decor, one includes the projector lighting. Lovely hues of gold, with intricate strand of lighting coming from the hanging loop.  Very unique and pretty. NobleCreations has the 'Bark Chair and Pumpkin's' set which is totally gorgeous with unique textures and perfect for any garden setting, regardless of Halloween.  Then we have JIAN, with their 'Chipmunk Collection - the collection includes various chipmunks for the avatar and for the garden, including a fallen log for their home.  The Chipmunks movements are cute, and even down to the puffed out cheeks when full of nuts!  Lovely Alien has the 'Medley Candies - Floor Deco' - 4 varieties, in the shape of various sweets giving the appearance of scattered treats. Your Dream have a cute 'Little Cute Ghosts' gacha - 8 ghosts to collect, and one rare ... all cute as cute.  Essenz has the 'Ireland' shoes, which are available in a wide range of colours ....and lastly, we have Sorbet with the Pumpkin Ears, two various packs available, spooky and pretty. Don't forget it is the anniversary round of The Season's Story, lots of gifts to be found!

Bee Designs are at the Liaison Collaborative with the 'Halloween Party Gacha' - the set includes tables, all decorated, and include tiny lights in the cobweb details, cakes and treats and even a vase of eyeball flowers!  Also, Serenity Style has the 'Rick Forest Fatpack' available, this is a gorgeous cabin build, which has two stories and a fabulous staircase to the side of the build leading to upstairs.  Lots of room to decorate and also comes with the 'lamp' and 'rocking chair'.  LW Poses have a range of poses at The Liaison Collaborative, featured is 'Draw the Line'....

On9 is in full swing and TKW have the 'Reyes' hair. which is super cute!  Haysuriza have a great pair of 'Boston' glasses, this set also comes with a pair that can be worn on the front of your shirt and has fittings for both male and female.  The colours for the Boston Glasses are avaiable in are black, crystal, red, and tortoise shell.  Bee Designs has the 'Halloween Silhouette's Gacha' a series of 9 silhouettes to collect for your Halloween decorating -  including one rare - please see vendor image below.   Items are able to be resized via edit menu... and, lastly Lakshmi have the Deliz Outfit, as always, lots of colour combinations available and suitable for the Belleza Freya and Isis, Slink, and Maitreya mesh bodies. 

JIAN Chipmunk Collection @ The Season's Story
[NobleCreations] - Bark Chair and Pumpkins @ The Seasons Story
Violetility - Autumn Lantern @ The Seasons Story
Sorbet. Pumpkin Decor (Gift) @ The Seasons Story
Lovely Alien - Medley Candies - Floor Deco @ The Seasons Story
{Your Dream} Little cute ghosts (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
Bee Designs Halloween party gacha @ The Liaison Collaborative
Bee Designs Halloween Silhouettes Gacha @ On9
DC Watching Crow
ADD.Andel! Ghost Friends 
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 
Two Moon Gardens - all garden elements come from the 'Awakenings Set'

Hair - *TKW* Reyes - Natural Colours 1 @ On9
Glam Affair - Giusy - Catwa Mesh Head Applier - Asia
Essenz - Ireland (Maitreya) @ The Seasons Story
IKON Charm Eyes - Apex
Izzie's - Chest Spider black (static)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 
Sorbet. Pumpkin Ears [Spooky Pack] @ The Seasons Story
[HAYSURIZA] Glasses Boston2 Tortoise shell (Fmale fit @ On9
[LAKSHMI]Deliz Outfit(Maitreya)/CP 2 @ On9
[atooly] halloween accessories .bat wings. RARE (older gacha)

:LW: Poses - Draw the line, female pose, mirror @ The Liaison Collaborative

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Autumn Celebrations at The Seasons Story.....

The Seasons Story has just opened its doors to the public for their 4th Anniversary round!  Not only do you have a huge selection of amazing creations to see, but also some amazing free gifts to celebrate this round.  Below are 'some' of the many creations available, including some of the free gifts... and you can view the catalog 'HERE'...

I am wearing the more more 'aki skin Rare2, in honey -  available for Catwa only, with omega body appliers sold separately.  Rare includes brow, blush and lip options. There are 16 commons and two Rares to collect in this gacha series.

Clothing is from Laus Autumn gacha, a fabulous collection and regardless of the colours they all look fabulous together.  I have enclosed the vendor image, to show all details and colours available.

Dysfunctionality have the Kitty Pumpkin multi pack - 3 unique mesh models, and easy to resize via edit menu to suit your decorating needs.  Texture change, with 10 choices, and 8 lighting choices.  Two packs, as shown below in the vendor images.

Sari Sari have the beautiful Fallen Leaves, which consists of various Autumn leaves in a fallen state, including a heart version and pile of leaves. Also, includes a decor rake and broken rake. 

Kres has the Glass Cabin, which is gorgeous and unique in shape, with lovely realistic stone and wood textures.  A single room build, and contains a fireplace inside, which can be turned on and off via touch.

Lagom have the Fall Getaway gacha - there are many components included in this set, a lot more than is featured .... you can see more details, in the link above to the catalog.

 Candy Crushers created the Black Cat gacha, adorable little cats in various poses, and decor. Set of 6 to collect.

Wasabi Pills have two versions of their latest release Ginny- plain and a wind blown version.  Both are ultra cute.  Also, grab the gift, which is a cute Mini Top Hat.

Sari-Sari - Fallen Leaves @ The Seasons Story
[Kres] Glass Cabin @ The Seasons Story
[Kres] Autumn Tray (Gift) @ The Seasons Story
LAGOM - Fall Getaway - Chest table [07] (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
LAGOM - Fall Getaway - Autumn Sign [03] (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
LAGOM - Fall Getaway - DecoChair [02] (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
LAGOM - Fall Getaway - Picture frame [06] (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
LAGOM - Fall Getaway - Plant [04] (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
LAGOM - Fall Getaway - Bookpile [10] (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
LAGOM - Flowy Fall leafs - BONUS @ The Seasons Story
LAGOM - Flowy Fall leafs - Ground Cover @ The Seasons Story
LAGOM - FairyGrass [Season story Gift] @ The Seasons Story
taikou / mechanical scale (Gift) @ The Seasons Story
Candy Crunchers - Black Cat - Standing (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
Candy Crunchers - Black Cat - Flying (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
Candy Crunchers - Black Cat - Pumpkin - RARE (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
[DDD] Kitty Pumpkin - 02 (Multi) @ The Seasons Story
Violetility - Foxy Pumpkin (Gift) @ The Seasons Story
Sorbet. Pumpkin Decor (Gift) @ The Seasons Story
Heart - Wild Flowers - Quenn Ann's Lace - S1
Heart - Aspen-LP-Autumn-mature-2 - V2
Heart - Aspen-LP-Autumn-mature-1 - V2 1
Apple Fall Flagstones
*alirium* DwarfForest [Ember]
HPMD* WildGrasses -khaki- a
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 - b

/Wasabi Pills/ Ginny Windblown Mesh Hair - Basics @ The Seasons Story
/Wasabi Pills/ Mini top hat - GIFT @ The Seasons Story
more more. aki skin Rare2 honey (catwa) (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
IKON Promise Eyes - Coffee
Luas Autumn Boots Brown (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
Luas Autumn Dress Beige (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
Luas Autumn Jacket RARE (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
Luas Autumn Scarf Brown (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
Luas Autumn Socks Beige (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 
TABOU. Crime Ring - L (Gift) @ The Seasons Story

//elephante poses// 'Tis Autumn - Includes Leaf (Gift) @ The Seasons Story

Monday, 9 October 2017

Gold and Silver Hues....

Le Six opened on the 6th of October and runs through till the 22nd and Dahlia have the beautiful 'Adaline' set available.  The set consists of the Necklace, Earrings and Ring, all are purchased separately.  There are 3 metal colours in the hud - gold, silver and rose gold. The detail is intricate and certainly is classy enough to wear with formal, or the more casual outfit ...

Mesange have the Sophie Eye Shadow series at On9, available in a range of beautiful, subtle colour hues.  The sets are sold by applier brand and include -  Catwa, LeLutka, Genesis, and Omega Appliers.  Available in 5 packs of 4 colours.  I love the shimmer, highlight appearance these shadows give.

no match are also at On9 this round with the 'No Shiver' hair - there is also the Halloween colour editions as well to consider, including black/red, and black/white.  no match also include the Catwa, LeLutka, TMP, and Omega Hair Bases.  This is the perfect fancy Halloween hair!

Kunglers have the most precious ring collection available at On9.  I have enclosed the vendor image for closer detail.  Available for right and left hand, in Aquamarine, Citrine, Crystal, Emerald, Onyx, and Quartz.  

Tres Beau Maison have the most glorious 'Autumn Glass' set available at On9 for October.  This set contains various pumpkins, leaves, pedestals, Wire Urns, Trio, Single, Sparkles and even includes a beautiful crystal crown.  Each piece can be re-sized via touch menu, and the colours are stunning...

For Max Event closes on the 10th of October, please be sure to call on over to see the amazing creations that are available and don't forget to join the raffle to be in the running for some amazing prizes.  One of the creators Ison, has this gorgeous 'Leather Trim Dress' it comes with a great colour hud with 9 colours - White, Great/Silver, Black, Blue, Cream, Pink, Green, Burgundy, and Red. 

The Liaison Collaborative is now open and Bauhaus Movement have the 'Shadows Bliss' poses available.  There are a wide variety to chose from, all amazing poses ...... featured is 'Shadow Bliss #3'...

Dahlia - Adaline - Necklace @ Le Six Event
Dahlia - Adaline - Stud Earrings @ Le Six Event
(Kunglers) Celine ring - R - Crystal @ On9
no.match_ ~ NO_SHIVER ~ ESSENTIALS @ On9
MESANGE - Sophie EyeShadow CATWA HUD 5 @ On9
Tres Beau Maison - "Idelle" Crystal Crown @ On9
CATWA HEAD Catya (lipstick in hud)
Essences Litzi #Medium01 (Catwa Applier)
IKON Charm Eyes - Storm
ISON - leather trim dress -maitreya- (all colors) @ For Max Event
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 

TB Maison "Autumn" Leaves @ On9
TB Maison "Autumn Glass" Pumpkin in Wire Urn @ On9
TB Maison "Autumn Glass" Pumpkin Single Silver 1 @ On9
TB Maison "Autumn Glass" Pumpkin Pedestal Large Gold @ On9


Saturday, 7 October 2017

A La'Pumpkin...

hive had the 'mini pumpkin set' out for Fifty Linden Friday, and if you're lucky it still may be out. If not, its certainly worth paying that little bit extra for the set, as its totally adorable.  The set includes - basket of mini pumpkins, mini pumpkins spilled, mini pumpkins with sign, fall bin and mini pumpkin. 

...and Zen Creations have the 'Stone Candle Set' as a new release for decor.  You can find it 'here' on Market Place. This collection is unique and certainly stands out, with the pretty flickering lights. Would look lovely in any setting...

The Liaison Collaborative opens on the 7th at 3pm SLT and below are some of the fabulous creations featured in this up-coming round ....

Sway's have the sweetest 'Pumpkin Carving' Set.  The set contains table, stump A and B, Pumpkin scraps, pumpkin bowl, Knife, Crate of pumpkins, Carved Pumpkins A, B and C. and a bucket.  Inside of the pack, you also have a completed set, ready to rez, all set up, or you can use individually to your own personal tastes.  The colours are gorgeous, items can easily be resized via edit menu, and definitely look amazing!

Les Sucreries de Fairy has the 'Mister Pumpkins' collection available. There are a variety of Mister Pumpkins available, from decor items to one's you cuddle and wear, in various colour tones - Blue, Green. Orange, Pink, and Red.  Each is adorable and the decor one's can be resized via the edit menu. 

Neomenia have the 'Yana' dress..  There are two colour versions in each pack, one plain and the other variegated.  12 colours to choose from, and suitable for the Maitreya Lara, Slink and TMP mesh bodies.

DeLa has the 'Khatia' hair, which comes in a wealth of colour choices ...

Mosquito's Way has the 'Angie' boots, which has a huge colour hud that you can change various components of the boots to mix and match to your outfits - its a fabulous hud with so many choices, and super stylish.  Suitable for the Maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies.  

Luanes World has a lovely collection of poses for this round, including singles and couple poses, and the one featured is 'Love will Travel'.  

hive // mini pumpkins set . FLF
Sway's Punpkin Carving Set @ The Liaison Collaborative
Les Sucreries de Fairy - * Mister Pumpkins * Orange Decoration 1 and 2 @ The Liaison Collaborative
{anc} story. / mushroom (M) cheese (gacha) @ Salem
Botanical - Touch 2 Change Sword Fern Edging
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 brown
Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel main
(fd) Cat - 07 Sitting Down (gacha)
DC Watching Crow

Neomenia: dress Yana [Maitreya] - Orange w/p @ The Liaison Collaborative
*LODE* Head Accessory Pretty Things Aster [orange] (gacha) @ The Chapter 4
=DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair "Khatia" @ The Liaison Collaborative
#M01 Essences - Litzi (Catwa & Omega)
IKON Charm Eyes - Storm
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

:LW: Poses - Love will travel - female pose 1 @ The Liaison Collaborative

Friday, 6 October 2017

Keys Bungalo - For Max...

Galland Homes has donated the 'Keys Bungalow' beach shack for the For Max Event.  You can read the story behind the Mx Event 'here'.  The For Max Event is open until the 10th of October, and there has been an overwhelming amount of support by all concerned.  The Keys Bungalow is a one roomed beach home, which measures approx 10 X 22 M, with a land impact of 42.  There are ample windows throughout to enjoy the many beach views, gorgeous neutral textures for decorating to your own colour scheme, and has a lovely spacious veranda. You can see an inside view of the bungalow 'here'...

Galland Homes - Keys Bungalow @ For Max Event
(Milk Motion) The lost island skybox scene 
TLC Seagull - Flying 
TLC Seagull - Standing 
TLC Pelican Animated
Heart - Tropical Yucca-Cluster 1
Heart - Coco Palms-Groves-Mixed-
Skye Windswept Tree 
Skye Bamboo Palm
Skye Beach Dune Building Set 
Skye Alligator Apple Bush (small leaf)
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive
PILOT - Tropical Shade Pack [Natural/Leather]
[we're CLOSED] old fence 
[we're CLOSED] row boat dark grey drape
[we're CLOSED] boulders light
dust bunny . hanging flower pot . mint  (gacha)
Mesh India - 10 MI LightHouse Light (3 LI) (gacha)
Trompe Loeil - Stella Folding Chair
Di'Cor Jessy's Planter
Sway's [Nautical] decoration . letter beach RARE (gacha)
floorplan. leaning oars
{what next} Waterfront Street Light with sign

Thursday, 5 October 2017


You can read Max's story 'HERE'...

Thistle have taken part in the For Max event, with two gorgeous creations.  Firstly, there is the Halloween Topiary Set - this set comes in orange, purple and grey colour hues.   I loved the Christmas one's that Thistle released, and these are just gorgeous for decorating .... Also, Thistle have the West End Garden Set - with the wood in aged grey.  The set consists of Garden Bench, Chair, Coffee Table, and End Table.  I've enclosed the vendor images below for further details.

I also want to mention the Bunyi Nature Sounds which are also at For Max Event, you cannot see them, but I did rez them out and wow, they are awesome.  I especially loved the 'Gentle Wind Chimes'.  These would be brilliant around the home and garden for that added realism.  The "Swamp' sounds are amazing, you can hear all types of creatures and even an owl in the distance .... like sitting around a RL creek. 

Alaskametro have a release called 'Sunny' at For Max Event, a fabulous price, with optional appliers and lipstick.  The body appliers are omgea and the head appliers are omega, catwa and lelutka. 

Wasabi Pills are at The Chapter Four, with another gorgeous gacha hair release called Chai.  Chai comes with all the normal colour huds, and in two versions - the second has a cute cat ears headband.  

I'm wearing the newest release from Blueberry, the Kimmy Jackets and Skirts - the jacket can be worn with or without the under-shirt.  You can find this set in the Blueberry store....

Dahlia has released the most amazing spider necklace called Charlotte, and can be found at Salem.  The set is unique with a very intricate spider detail.  Most of the detail is on the back, and I hope to show this in a near future post.  It would have to be one of my favourite pieces from Dahlia .....perfect for the Fall and Halloween ...

OMEN are also at Salem, and have the cutest little Halloween Bee Pups, and if you are in the group (this is a paid group) then you can pick up the Honey Pot as a group gift.   The pup is available in brown and black.

For full background scene details, click 'here'...

/Wasabi Pills/ Chai Mesh Hair (gacha) @ The Chapter 4
Dahlia - Charlotte - Necklace and Earrings @ Salem
Blueberry - Kimi - Jacket - Leather - Maitreya *NEW RELEASE
Blueberry - Kimi - Skirts - Suede - Maitreya *NEW RELEASE
alaskametro<3 "Sunny" face skin Tone 1 @ For Max 
IKON Charm Eyes - Apex
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 

Thistle Halloween Topiary - Orange 2 @ For Max
Thistle West End Garden Chair Aged Grey  @ For Max 
Bunyi - NatureSoundsSwampySounds @ For Max
Bunyi - NatureSoundsGentleWindChimes @ For Max

Sari-Sari  - FP02-d (bento)

Wednesday, 4 October 2017


Zerkalo have a few new item releases - at Fameshed there is the 'Bernard Sofa' which is available in PG or Adult versions.  The rich red of the fabric is gorgeous alongside the dark wood elements - old world in style and so elegant.  Then, at The Chapter 4, Zerkalo have created the 'Heart Box', which come in various shades including 'white' as featured, pink, colourful. and blue.  Also, at Lootbox, there are the 'Organic Wall Ornaments'..... and I have also featured the 'Antique Memories' gacha which should be in-store soon.  Lootbox ends on the 20th of October.

 unKindness have a beautiful old world style set at Salem, 'Poe's Writing Set'.  This set contains many gorgeous elements including writing desk and chair, sketch parchment, ramblings parchment, inkwell, and feather quill. 

I have taken this image inside the entrance to the Clarice's Cottage by hive, which is available at SalemSalem is open till the 31st of October .... and you can see the full details of the Clarice Cottage 'here'.

 Then there is For Max Event, you can read the story about Max 'here' .....

 Dust Bunny have createed the sweetest vase with olive heart decoration and O.M.E.N have created the 'I Heart Roo', which is just adorable, especially since its a native animal to my country .... Kunst have the 'Pumpkin Set' which contains lots of various types of pumpkins, includng in crates, and single and in glass jars, unique and wonderful for the fall season.  Kaerri have created several unique vases and displays of flowers .. I have featured the 'Butterfly Poppies'.  Disfunctionality have the sweetest 'potted fern', it has tiny glitter particles, its soooo pretty! Lastly, THOR has donated a beautiful vintage 'So Shabby' set, its gorgeous .. and I have featured the vintage ride on toy from the set.  All these lovely items can be found at For Max Event...which runs through till the 10th of October, 2017.

[ zerkalo ] Bernard Sofa - PG @ Fameshed
[ zerkalo ] Heart Box - White @ The Chapter 4
[ zerkalo ] Organic Wall Ornaments - Tree w/Birds - Dark @ Lootbox
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Wreath (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Sweet Home Sign - GOI (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Table (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Rocking Chair (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Rose Red (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Moments Pillow (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Rug (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Leather Journal (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Dream Pillow (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Old Milk Can (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Memory Box - RARE (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Mail (gacha)
uk - Poe's Writing Desk Set @ Salem  
hive // clarice's cottage - inside entrance @ Salem
hive // here for tea (gacha)
dust bunny . olive branch heart @ For Max Event
O.M.E.N - I Heart Roo @ For Max Event
Kaerri - Butterfly Poppies @ For Max Event
JIAN Avian Arcana 4. Peregrine Falcon Perch (gacha) @ Lootbox
..::THOR::.. Vintage Ride On Toy @ For Max Event
[DDD] Max's Magic Potted Fern @ For Max Event
[ kunst ] - Pumpkin Set @ For Max Event
Apple Fall Preserved Poppies
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
Apple Fall Botanical Study 2
Apple Fall Feuilles Lantern
Sweet Baltimore  Oriole
22769 - Potion Bottles - COMMON @ Salem
:Cheeky Pea: Autumn Initial S

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Clarice's Cottage...

Hive are at Salem, which runs through till the end of this month with the 'Clarice Cottage' - an old world style cottage, with ornate wrought iron, and so much character.  The cottage doesn't necessarily have to be Halloween themed and would delightful as an ordinary home as well.  There is a quaint entrance way as you step inside the home, with a staircase, and a living area to the left.  Upstairs features 2 rooms, partly divided, but definately two areas with gorgeous views from all the windows.  I adore this build, its not huge, but a perfect size to decorate.  The footprint is 8.5 wide and 7 deep, and 10 high, with a land impact of 64.  

My scene consists of an Autumn feel which is a little odd considering I am in my Spring.  I've added numerous items from various creators, and they all are listed below.  Many Halloween items from last year...

I have added the Kunst 'Rain Boots' which can be found at the 'For Max Event' which has just opened.  If you have not read the story of Max, you can do so 'here'.  A large group of creators have come together to form an event to raise funds for Max ....  please find it in your heart to generously 'buy' or donate ..

Visit 'For Max' ....

hive // clarice's cottage @ Salem
hive // fall scarecrow . jean
hive // hay bale
hive // extra crates [light] (gacha)
hive // put a spell on you frame (gacha)
[ kunst ] - Rain boots / orange @ For Max Event
[ kunst ] - Rain boots / blue  @ For Max Event
+Half-Deer+ Starlit Spiderweb - Corner Triangle
::KKs:: around the house walls pack - Grey
uK - Wrought Iron Gate Black
Skye - Enchanted Woods 
Skye Twisted Tree
*alirium* DwarfForest [Ember]
[DDD] (Now Jian) Orchard Tree - Apples
HPMD* Dirt Road
HPMD* Cliff Hill - green B
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08
TANNHAUSER - Witch garden decor 01 (gacha)
{vespertine}- witch chubby kitty 2 (gacha)
TLC Autumn Sunflower Field with Birds (modified) @ Cosmopolitan
TLC Crow - Sound on/off on touch
Apple Fall Straw Broom
Apple Fall Musquee de Provence Pumpkins
Apple Fall Pumpkin Cart Fatpack 

Monday, 2 October 2017

A Sweet Day-Dream....

Truth Hair have the new release 'Apple' hair at Uber, this is a delightfully gorgeous hair, with an upstyle and a longer style with bun.  I've enclosed the vendor image below to show the various styles achieved using the style hud - including, cute little wispy strands!

Dahlia is at Fameshed which has just opened with the most delightful jewel set ... the 'Abeille' - the earrings and necklace are purchased separate and for a great 'event' price.  The detail is amazing, with beautiful bee's as decoration, with a brilliant hud for many colour combinations.  Touch to re-size. 

Dahlia is also part of the 'For Max Event' which is opening on the 3rd of October, closing on the 10th of October and is raising funds for Maxwell Graf.  Max is obviously a well loved individual within SL, and has been through some rough times of late and is in a difficult situation.  Creators from around the grid have rallied together to support Max through the difficult times he is facing ... and have donated items to this amazing event.  Please find it in your hearts to support a very worthy cause ....there are some amazing creations, both new and older at the event ... you can find Dahlia's 'Bali' septum rings - the set comes with 3 various septum rings and includes a great colour hud!!  Land mark will be put in place, once the event opens.

...and Flair are at 'For Max Event' also and have donated a 'Rustic Screen' which is just gorgeous and comes with a colour hud for varying the styles of colour.  I was able to re-size for my image using edit, and they look gorgeous with the vines trailing in and through them, the sky is the limit with their uses.... 

Kaithleen's are at Cosmopolitan with the 'Slip Dress', please see other photographs below for full details.  The Slip Dress is available in Black, Linen, Peach, Red, Rose, Silver, White, Magenta, Navy, Lavender, Blue and Aqua, and suitable for the Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies.

TRUTH / Apple @ UBER
Dahlia - Abeille - Earrings @ Fameshed
Dahlia - Abeille - Necklace @ Fameshed
Dahlia - Bali - Septum Ring - B @ For Max Event
Kaithleen's Slip Dress - Linen Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan
Amala - The Heart Nose Stud
Glam Affair - Lidia - Catwa Mesh Head Applier - Asia (no brows) @ Uber
Insol: "Lily eyebrows" (CATWA)  
IKON Charm Eyes - Apex
Kibitz - Endless love rings - maitreya bento - silver - left and right
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Flair - Rustic Screen - Single Panel C - Texture Change @ For Max Event
=EliBaily= Ivy

oOo Studio: Palais #2

Friday, 29 September 2017

Pink Bliss...

Aphrodite have a new release for the Thimble Event,  perfect for the 'little princess'.  The 'Princess Nursery' has many elements - there is the feeding chair, the nursery chair and the nursery crib.  Each contains various furniture, the feeding chair on its own, the nursery chair comes with a princess carpet with a crown (not pictured) and the crib set comes with the crib, lace valance, carpet, picture frames, cupboard, princess carriage, and lamp.

Thimble Event is open till the 10th of October, 2017

The home is the 'Gilly Lake House' by Thistle Homes and is available in the August Builders Box.  The Builders Box opens October 14th for pre-orders, you can read more on this subscription box 'here'.

Aphrodite - Princess Nursery  Feeding Chair @ Thimble Event
Aphrodite - Princess Nursery Chair @ Thimble Event
Aphrodite - Princess Nursery Crib @ Thimble Event
[ zerkalo ] Britain's Bedroom - Curtain Light
[ zerkalo ] Cozy Corner - Pillow
[ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Slippers Female (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Little Love - Hanging Heart (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Keep on Dreaming - Love (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Tea Party - Lace Garland Horizontal (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Boxes
[ zerkalo ] Spring Gifts - Bunny Pillow (gacha)
Eunoia - flower mobile. (gacha)
no longer in SL
<:*BoOgErS*:> Big Hug Bear Pink Wear Me (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Baby Bear (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bear Sybil (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Pink Bunneh Bear (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Ballerina Bear (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Fairy Bear (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bear Anna (gacha)
* Lil Love Doll * Pink Decoration (gacha)
hive // heart strings hanging [narrow]
*ionic* Cassiopeia (gacha)
*ionic* Lemur (gacha)
Birdy. Cabaret- Princess Puss - White (gacha)
Bad Seed - Neverland Crib Mobile (gacha)
+Half-Deer+ Candy Chickadee Bird - Static - Strawberry
Thistle Gilley Lake House  @ Builders Box