Sunday, 17 July 2016

Boho Bedroom Bliss...

Zen Creations have a beautiful Boho Bedroom Set which can be found in world 'here' or on Market Place 'here'.  This setting includes, Bed with adult menu, Canopy Curtain, Wall Deco Lights, Hanging Lantern, Night table, Candle Cluster, and 2 Rugs.  Items can be colour coordinated through the colour hud included, every single detail can be changed to suit your own decor needs, with a huge range of colour scheme's. .  The adult menu comes complete with 206 couples, 27 threesomes and 18 singles.  Land Impact for the whole set is 25, and there is also a stunning Boho Livingroom set to match, which can be seen 'here' in MP.

PewPew is at The Crossroads Event with the Apocalypse Summer Set - this set includes 5 pieces 'Frames Stack', Plane Frame' 'Woodbox Stack', 'Door Frames Mess - Sea' and the 'Wall Planks'.  Gorgeous set, with super textures .. love love love.

..and evoLove have several sweet 'Flower Vases' available at the newest round of Tres Chic, which is opening shortly (17th) - the sets each come with vases in 3 colour combinations blue, pink and purple in two styles.  Also, evoLove, have a cushion set, that I have used as decor for my image called 'Dreamweaver Pillows' - however, the pillows also contain several gorgeous poses to sit.  Absolutely gorgeous and looked so sweet as scatter cushions as well.  The cushion set is available at the latest round of The Liaison Collaborative.

unKindness are at LTD The Event, with an amazing art set called 'Summer Art Painting Set' - includes a series of 4 beautiful pieces of art work, which can be resized via edit menu.  LTD The Event runs through till the 26th of July.  unKindness is also at Indie TeePee which runs through till the 24th of July with a 'Tuned Bench Sets'  There are 4 colours and each colour set includes 2 varying benches - each with single and couple sits.  Land Impact is 4. 

KnickKnacks has a gorgeous boho set called '1001 Nuits' gacha at The Crossroads Event - this event is open till the 28th of July.  Featured is the 'Rolled Carpet', 'Turquoise Poof', and the 'Blue Lantern' - there are 14 pieces to collect in this gacha set.  KnickKnacks also has released another amazing 'Lace Straight Curtain' Set in white which can be found in their store 'here'.  The set includes 4 lace curtains in varying 'straight hangs', and a curtain rod to complete.  I have also featured KnickKnacks 'Alphabet A - Z with Lace set' - a complete alphabet created with a gorgeous lace texture - available 'here'.

DaD DESIGN "Southern Cottage" @ Fameshed
Zen Creations - Indian Rug 3 (with exercise animations)
Zen Creations - Boho Bed Set (Adult Menu)
Pewpew! Door Frames Mess - Sea @ The Crossroads
Pewpew! Wall Plank - Summer @ The Crossroads
Pewpew! Broken Woodbox Stack @ The Crossroads
[evoLove] - Flower Vase -  Blue - 01 @ Tres Chic Venue 
[evoLove] - Flower Vase -  Blue - 02 @ Tres Chic Venue
[evoLove] - dreamweaver pillows - cool @ The Liaison Collaborative
[ keke ] wild lilies - big - white @ The Forest (July)
unKindness - In Tuned Bench Blanket Celestial @ Indie TeePee
unKindness - Summer Art Painting Set (In The Sun & Restless Shores) @ LTD The Event
::KKs:: 1001 nuits - turquoise poof @ The Crossroads
::KKs:: 1001 nuits - rolled carpet @ The Crossroads
::KKs:: 1001 nuits - lantern blue @ The Crossroads
::KKs:: Lace straight curtains - White 3
::KKs:: Lace straight curtains - White 1
::KKs:: Lace straight curtains - White 2
::KKs:: alphabet - L
::KKs:: alphabet - O
::KKs:: alphabet - V
::KKs:: alphabet - E
+Half-Deer+ String of Pearls - White - Large Chain @ Collabor88
Compulsion Topiary Planter
Toro. Indoor Plant
(fd) Cat - 07 Sitting Down (gacha)
(fd) Cat - 11 Sitting (gacha)
Belle Epoque { Countryside Living } #2 Blue @ The Chapter 4
HIDEKI - Apartment Plant @ The Chapter 4

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