Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hanover Winter Barn Scene...

The Draftsman event has opened its doors for the first time, and hosts an amazing lot of creative Second Life architecture.  Featured is the 'Hanover Barn' created by Galland Homes.  The barn is 100% original mesh, with a land impact of 73 - and measures 12 X 23 - there is also a snow addition as an extra available for those wish to complete Winter scene's.  The barn is rich with gorgeous timbers, and truss work, several sliding barn doors - which can be left open if required, even just one of the doors.   I have included the vendor add, for a closer look at the inside, and wood textures.  Its a beautiful build, with realistic textures - the sky is the limit, and with a little creativity, this could also be turned into an amazing open plan home.  For new releases you can follow Galland Homes on flickr 'here'.

Peaches is also at the Draftsman Event, with a fence building set called 'Woodland Fence'.  There are a series of various fence pieces, and mirror versions, gates, and poses to build to your own specifications.  The wood textures are gorgeous, and pieces are easy to formulate into a build.  

Panavia have the 'Fagus Winter Tree' available at the Draftsman.  It has soft Winter-y foliage, and seriously gorgeous bark textures.  The tree can be resized via the edit menu to adapt to the scene you are building, creating more realism.  

The Draftsman Event opened on the 20th of Novemeber, and is a bi-monthly event, bring you not only an amazing shopping experience, but also ... some amazing architecture creations from various creators around the grid. 

You can follow the Draftsman on flickr 'here'....

Galland Homes Hanover Barn @ Draftsman
Peaches - Woodland Fence @ Draftsman
PANAVIA - Winter Tree 'Fagus' @ Draftsman
Just Animals - Flying Goose - Mesh
Just Animals - Grey Grazing Horse - Mesh
Just Animals - White Horse - Mesh 
JIAN :: Winter Sled (Rez)
Soy. Windmill [Rused Metal] for big size
Pixel Mode - Fall Harvest - Wagon Wheels (gacha)
hive // broken farmer's market sign (gacha)
*ionic* Logs for the long winter (gacha)
Botanical - Marram Grass 
Botanical - Heavy Loose Hay Groundcover
Botanical - Hay Bales
Skye Studio - Twisted Tree
Skye Studio - Wild Grass Type 6 brown
Skye Studio - Silver Birch from Studio Skye
~*SR*~ 4 Season Long Grass 
Trompe Loeil - Wintertime Snow Drifts
39 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Farm Cart (gacha)
3D Trees - winter weeping willow 
Architect Design - Winter bush

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