Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Memories of Grandma's Place...

Schultz Bros have created the most quaintest cottage for the Builders Box called ' Bordeaux Cottage' - it reminded me of my childhood visiting my Grandmother.  The cottage has a central main room, which features pale washed walls, which show signs of age (so well done), and beautiful wood floorboards, and white washed windows.    There is a fireplace in the main room, and a staircase up to the loft.  Both rooms are roomy and give ample room to be creative in furniture and decor.  This is a really gorgeous build and those that like an era gone by, they will adore this build.   I will attempt to bring an inside image if possible, sometime soon .... 

Builders Box is a quarterly 'build only' subscription box, that contains a range of homes, skyboxes, and other builds from a variety of creators in Second Life. 

Subscription boxes have recently arrived in Second Life, and are an amazing way to experience the mystery of items not known, before the box arrives.  The first box has been released and it is full of amazing builds, including those from Serenity Style, Spargle and Shine, Pillows, Maru Kado, Aethis, Lagom, Kite, Thistle Homes, Big Bully and Schultz Bros which I have featured in today's post.  
Pre-orders of the Builders Box can be purchased on Market Place previously to them being released for $2000L and afterwards, for $3000L.  May's subscription box has arrived and you can find it on Market Place 'HERE'...

Pre-orders are done via in-world store 'here', or through the many vendors, which can be found on the Builders Box website 'here'... Also, you can view all the builds released for May, via the website and hitting the 'Catalogue' for May.

[Schultz Bros.] Bordeaux Cottage @ Builders Box
unKindness - Mossy Garden Wall
Skye Gnarled Cherry 
Skye Twisted Tree
Skye - Enchanted Woods 
Skye-  Wild Grass Type 6 olive
3D Trees - Eucalyptus (Australia)
[we're CLOSED] grass field green 02 - random
Two Moon Gardens - Charming Country Path in Spring (altered)
Apple Fall Blossom Wreath
Apple Fall Design a Planter
Apple Fall Old Church Gate
Apple Fall Flagstones
Apple Fall Flowering Shrub (White)
Apple Fall Orsett Wall Lantern
Apple Fall Orsett Single Lantern
Apple Fall Yorkshire Bench
12_8f8 - New Beginnings - Hibiscus Pink - White (gacha)
09_8f8 - New Beginnings - Wheels (gacha)
17_8f8 - New Beginnings - Geese (gacha)
39 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Farm Cart (gacha)
Heart - Classic and Wild Roses - White
Heart - Forest Undergrowth - Clover and Daisies 
[Tia] Sleeping Cupid 3 Tier Fountain - Light
[Tia] Curved Roman Love Seat - Light
Botanical - Waterlily cluster 3 - Yellow 

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