Monday, 5 June 2017

Land Down Under...

dust bunny is at N21, which is open till the 12th of June, with a gorgeous 'Springtime Clothesline' and 'Laundry Basket' - this set is adorable, with realistic clothing of all types hanging off the line, and a quaint basket - it seriously looks like a real clothesline from my Grandma's era, and are still often found today, amazing!  As an Australian, we still use clotheslines, guess we have good weather for such I had to build an Aussie scene.... have wanted to do this for some time.  Not far from where I live, is a Lavender field, it is stunning in Spring, but even in the Winter months as well ..... 

Then, I was wandering around 'Whimsical' and found the Convair Plains Windmill, so Australian, and the realistic detail is mind blowing!!  Whimsical is open till the 18th of June....

...and over to The Men's Department for the anc Lavender, which was a perfect for my scene, I was so over the moon!!   

For the animals ..... seriously someone needs to do some new Australian animals .... sadly, I did have some fabulous ones, but accidentally deleted my whole 'animal' folder (how I will never know) so they are gone.   The creator of my original Australian animals, is no longer in world .... *sad face .... but I did find some, which look okay at a distance ..

dust bunny . spring washline @ N21
dust bunny . spring laundry basket @ N21
CONVAIR Plains Windmill @ Whimsical
-Garden- by anc lavender {purple} 1prim halfsize @ TMD
Emu (Full Permission)
Agile wallaby (Full Permission)
3D Trees -Eucalyptus (Australia)7 LI C/M
ROIRO - Sculpted Low mountain
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]

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