Sunday, 18 June 2017

This way to a piece of tranquility....

hive have the 'lifeguard chair' available for Fifty Linden Friday .. rush over and see if it is still available, and if not, it still is worth paying full price.   In the pack, are two versions, the 2nd version has a sign hanging off the back of the chair, saying the beach is closed, and no swimming.   The textures are of worn wood, and very true to as you'd see in real life.   The chair comes with male (8) and female(8) single poses, as well as three couples poses.  

I've also featured some of my favorite pieces from Dust Bunny, the gorgeous lighthouse, and numerous items from various gacha's I have collected over the years.  

hive // lifeguard chair @ Fifty Linden Friday
hive // blue canoe (gacha) @ Arcade
hive // camp area sign (gacha) @ Arcade
dust bunny . lighthouse 1
dust bunny . life ring (gacha)
dust bunny . daisy pier . RARE (gacha)
dust bunny . hammock chair . short
dust bunny . shade umbrella (gacha)
dust bunny . lounging chair (gacha)
dust bunny . getaway basket (gacha)
TLC Pelican Animated
TLC Seagull - Standing  
TLC Seagull - Flying 
Skye - Beach Sign 1
Skye - Wild Grass 
Skye - Windswept Tree 
Skye - Beach Dune Building Set from Studio Skye 
[we're CLOSED] boulders 1 light
[we're CLOSED] dry weed S
[we're CLOSED] old fence 
reef barrier with coral base and waves
Heart - Tropical Yucca-Cluster 

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