Friday, 14 July 2017


unKindness are part of The Gacha Guardians this round, with a 'Little Oasis' gacha set to collect.  The pieces are available in two colours ..... brown and grey rock. Pieces include waterfalls (not featured) .... and various rock formations, as well as the boats pictured....... they are gorgeous components to create waterfalls and beautiful garden/pond settings.  Easy to re-size, and the rock textures look so real.  I adore this set, its beautiful ....and totally enjoyed building this 'waterhole'....

uk - Little Oasis Gacha @ Gacha Guardians
Cube Republic - 'Sedge' plants
Skye Water 28 x 20m
Skye Gnarled Cherry (base Hi LOD)
Skye Twisted Tree ( no base )
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive
[we're CLOSED] dry weed S
[we're CLOSED] pond deck II
Botanical - Waterlily cluster 1 - Yellow v1.2
Botanical - Touch 2 Change Sword Fern (for flat surface)
TLC Egret
TLC Canadian Goose - Standing
3D Trees - Marsh Plant

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