Sunday, 6 August 2017

Mount Washington Skybox..

Galland Homes are taking part in the newly opened round of The Chapter 4, with a gorgeous skybox home, called 'Washington'.  The Washington contains 4 rooms, and is an original mesh design.  Also, featured in the main living area is a beautiful fireplace, which has its own switch (near fireplace) for controls for the fire, and the skybox in general.   In the main bedroom, there is a a feature window (as featured) with 5 city scene's to pick from - Miami, London, New York, Pittsburgh, and Vancouver. Off this room, is ample space for a bathroom and/pr possible dressing room.  Materials are enabled.

Also, included are AO maps, for ceilings and floors - easy paint interior walls, and full instructions on how to do this come in your package.  The floorplan is 18M X 19M, and has a privacy shell which is approx 23M X 24M.  The design will safely fit of a 1024 sq m and larger plots.   Land impact is 25.

Located at The Chapter 4, in 'The Hall Off' room, and a demo is available to view via teleport from vendor.  For the duration of the event the skybox will be 50% off its normal price....

The rooms in the skybox are generous and roomy, as you can see by the one I have decorated, and featured.

Zen Creations have the 'Contempo Living Room' - includes adult menu on a no pose ball system.  Set includes Sofa (pillows and blanket vanish on touch), Chair (includes solo animations), Coffee table, standing lamp, tripod lamp, Art frames, Tray, Potted plant, Vase, and Rug.  Colour hud allows for endlesss colour combinations and can be viewed 'here' on Market Place.

Also featured is the Zen Creations 'Essentials Bed Set' - adult menu included on a no pose ball system.   The set includes, bed, night table, clamp on reading lamp, framed art pieces, books, and a rug.  Again, the colour combinations are endless, you can view the colour hud for this set 'here', on Market Place.

Inside view of the Mount Washington Skybox

Contempo Living Room Set

Essential Bed Set

Galland Homes - Mount Washington Skybox  @ The Chapter 4
Soy. Telephone [Ivory]
junk. sign basket. (gacha)
(it seems no longer in SL, no URL)
ARIA - Sunday Morning Newspaper (gacha)
[ARIA] Avery Vase With Lililies
[ARIA] Blair decorative  3D and
Bazar - Stockholm-Sneakers decor (female)
dust bunny . bunny alarm clock . white
[Toiz] camera deco (gift)
!ROIRO! - Flower vase (Plumeria)
ROIRO - Potted tree with Ivy Bow
MudHoney Roman Shade Up and Down @ Fameshed
ionic : Interior plant (gacha)
{what next} Snake Plant
{what next} Pothos Plant (stand)
Fancy Decor: Classic Console (white)
TA Infinity Bag Set
hive // holly's hat boxes [neutral] (gacha)
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
Dutchie laptop (gift)
Concept}08.  Rest Collection - Canopy (gacha)
Sari-Sari - Of Cozy - Rug (grey stripes) (gacha)

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  1. Totally incredible work, you are an artist with your photography and scene set up, the shadows, windlight, everything, just perfect as always and thank you so much for photographing Zen products and also for including us in your wonderful blog posts here!