Review Policy

Thanks for taking the time to read this review and for visiting my blog.  If you are visiting, it means you like my photographs, so that on its own is a huge compliment for me.

For me personally, I enjoy blogging a great variety of items, from fashion through to home decor, and of course I have a massive gacha addiction and just have to blog those The best way to view my 'style' is visiting my flickr as the photographs are all in one area - or feel free to roam through my blog.  

One of my main 'loves' is building scene's...

If you are wanting me to review a product and I have not applied for your blog team, I would be more than happy to do so upon contact.  At times, my blogging is limited to my wonderful sponsors - they will always come as first priority.  So please don't take offence if I say no.

Please do not send me items without information, or contact.  I will not accept items from those I do not know where the item is coming from, for obvious reasons.

Contact can be made via Second Life, instant message or note card - my online status always shows in my profile.  My IM's go through to email, when I am offline.
sandielouise resident (inworld)

♥Thanks for your consideration♥ 

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