Friday, 22 April 2016

Home Sweet Home

...The magic thing about home is, that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back...

GOOSE have a sweet 'Cuddle Shack' at Cosmopolitan at the moment, put your running shoes on as this event finishes in a few days time.  The cuddle shack is the perfect place to chill with someone special or on your own ... complete with single animations for male and female, and couples.

Also, GOOSE have the 'Garden Fence with Arch' a fence building kit, available at LTD The Event, which is open till the 26th.  Easy to cater to your own needs, and once you have built, linking all the objects together reduces the prim count - good point to always remember.  Works a treat to save some of those extra prims. 

The Little Branch have some amazing tree's, flowers, and grasses ... at LTD The Event, are the ever so pretty 'White Cherry Blossom' tree's .. and at Shiny Shabby are the 'Greenford' tree's - these are available in seasons - just touch the tree for the menu and you can change to suit your decor or season.  In my 'scene' I have also used the 'Pink Flowers', and 'Wild Grass' - both are available in a variety of colours. 

...and I have to mention the amazing 'Sweet Dreams Cottage' by DaD Designs ... also available at LTD The Event.  If you have not seen this cottage, high-tail it over to check out the demo. 

GOOSE - Garden fence with arch @ LTD The Event
GOOSE - Garden cuddle shack @ Cosmopolitan
LB_WhiteCherryBlossoms @ LTD The Event
LB_Greenford{Seasons} @ Shiny Shabby
{what next} Spring Garden Mailbox (gacha)
{what next} Spring Garden Bird Bath (gacha)
{what next} Spring Garden Bike (decor) (gacha)
{anc} NO LIMITS // eating dove. [sugar white] (gacha)
{anc} NO LIMITS // flying dove.A [sugar white] (gacha)
{anc} NO LIMITS // eating dove. [sugar white] (gacha)
(fd) Cat - 07 Sitting Down (gacha)
(fd) Cat - 09 Ready to Pounce (gacha)
18_8f8 - New Beginnings - Hen Set (gacha)
Heart - Forest Undergrowth - Hosta3 - Green @ Fameshed
Heart - Forest Undergrowth - Elephant Ears @ Fameshed
Heart - Forest Undergrowth - Clover and Daisies @ Fameshed
Heart - Ancient Stone Pathway @ Fameshed
floorplan. pot stack @ Collabor88
Apple Fall Apiary Bee Hive Mixed (Tall)
Apple Fall Honey Pot
Meadow Works - Moonflower Vines en  SACK
:Cheeky Pea: Birdhouse Lanai Wicker Loveseat @ TMD
DaD DESIGN "Sweet Dreams Cottage" @ LTD The Event
{vespertine} lorraine greenhouse / worn white @ Collabor88

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