Sunday, 5 June 2016


GOOSE have a gorgeous 'Crate Garden Set' and 'Coffee Tray Set' available in their inworld store 'HERE'. The 'Coffee Tray Set' is available separate to purchase as well.  There are 9 colour choices in the fabrics (seats and table cloth) - and the seats have various animations for enjoying coffee, chatting, conversing and more. 

Little Branch are at Fameshed with two versions of the 'Sugar Maple' tree - seasons in touch menu to allow colour change to your own personal taste and season - and re-sizable through the edit menu.  Soft dreamy foliage, and amazing bark textures.  I have also used a variety of other Little Branch items in my scene, full details are in the credits below.

unKindness have two fabulous creations - the 'Drift Wood Tree Sets' available at Fameshed.  There are two types available in two colours - the driftwood colours are faded grey and dark fresh brown - one with lights and another with lights and a billowing cloth option.  There are also versions of coloured lights, or plain white lighting  ... so decorate up a storm!

Also, at the latest Chapter 4 unKindness have a great special for everyone in the 'discount room' with 'Beach Chime Trees' - 50% off for the event.  $100L per tree, or $300L for the fatpack.   The Beach Chime Tree's are beautiful, with their own little chimes hanging from branches ... as can be seen, not just for a beach theme...

GOOSE - Crate Garden set
GOOSE - Coffee Tray Set
LB_WildGrass.v1 (green)
LB_Bouton d'or -yellow+pink+lavender+orange (yellow)
LB_SugarMaple.v2{Seasons} @ Fameshed
LB_SugarMaple.v3{Seasons} @ Fameshed
uk - Beach Chime Trees (Drift colour) @ Chapter 4
uk - Driftwood Beach Sets (light v2) @ Fameshed
Heart - Wild Grasses @ Fameshed
T-Spot Mesh - Ground Vegetation A 
{yumyum} ivy A(yellow)
HPMD* Rocks in the forest (S1)
HPMD* Rocks in the forest (S2)
HPMD* Rocks in the forest (L/dirty)
{anc} forget. Swallow [sunyellow] (gacha) @ Arcade June 2016
JIAN :: White Tail Deer - Fawn Female and Male (Statiic) 

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