Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Life at the beach, with a pool...

Stockholm and Lima have the 'Backyard Pool Party' gacha set at The Epiphany this round - available in PG and Adult.  Set includes 'Pool Rare', 'Pool Ladder', 'Picnic Table', 'Garden Hose', 'Swan Pool Flat Hers', 'Flamingo Pool Float (Couples)', 'Swan Pool Float His', 'Dino Pool Float His', 'Dino Pool Float Hers' and 'Dino Pool Float Couples'. The pool itself has 15 animations for PG and 12 couples in Adult.  The ladder, contains 10 PG animations and 8 in Adult.  The picnic table 12 PG animations and 7 couples in Adult. The couple floats include 6 couples animations, and the his and hers floats include 3 animations.  The exclusive items for this round are the 'Bamboo Sharks' available in 3 colour tones - black and white, black and gray.  Please see close up image for these delightful creatures - my photograph does not do the shark justice - chasing it as it swam to get the photo was no easy feat LOL ..... omg they are ultra cute and swim around, so realistic!

I also teamed the TLC's 'Seagulls' which come in a set on their own - flying and standing, or in the 'Seagulls Shack set' (not featured). The Seagulls have a flying controller included, and sound can be turned on and off.  There are two versions flying and one standing and look extremely realistic - including their noise lol - all are animated and have a gentle movement, even the standing.  TLC specialise in beautiful birds, and I have also included the Pelican who is also animated.  I encourage you all to visit TLC's main store 'here' to visit and see all the beautiful creations of wildlife, birds, and amazing realistic settings.

Little Branch are at The Men's Department with a super gorgeous set called 'Palmetto' - including 'Palmetto Tree', 'Beach Sand', 'Boat', and 'Wild Grass'. TMD closes the last day of the month ... Also, Little Branch are at the latest round of Fameshed with another delightful beach set which consists of Double and Quad Palm Tree's, and 2 versions of cactus (Cactus not featured).  The palm tree's are resizeable through the edit menu and have a beautiful, realistic foliage.  Lastly, at The Liaison Collaborative, Little Branch have the 'Bananas Tree' .. all components featured are so perfect to create amazing and realistic beach and tropical scene's. 

Bamboo Shark Exclusive, Swims around in pool 

Stockholm&Lima:Backyard Pool Party (gacha) @ Epiphany
TLC - Pelican Animated
TLC seagulls' shack* (Seagulls only)
Little Branch - Palmetto.v1 @ TMD
Little Branch - Bananas{Mesh} Trees @ The Liaison Collaborative
Little Branch - Beach Palms and Cactus @ Fameshed
Sway's [Shell] beach shells 
(epia) - Party Sign (gacha)
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Veggie Grill RARE (gacha)
Skye Wild Grasses
{what next} Drinks Cooler (gacha)
[we're CLOSED] boulders 2 light
Foxes - Travelling Heart - Whippet - Standing - Cream (gacha) @ Epiphany
Botanical - T2C Stacked Firewood
Botanical - T2C Campfire

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