Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Victorian Sunrise Cottage Scene...

DaD Design is at the latest round of Shiny Shabby with another amazing home called 'Victorian Sunrise Cottage'.  Footprint measures 21.7 X 23.8 with a land impact of 77 - Weather Vanes 2.  Includes spacious living area, dining/studio room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, hallway and a dreamy veranda with the sweetest gazebo.  This home can be personally customised with each zone having 74 pre-loaded colours to choose from - includes internal and external.  Windows can be opened via touch.  This is one beautiful home, love the design and layout - will show some interior photos in a future post.

I have incorporated some of my favourite pieces from unKindness - the gorgeous Mossy Garden Walls, and the clothes line and basket from the 'Spring Cleaning' set, which is now available in unKindness's inworld store.

...and I adore using Little Branch's beautifully created tree's and gardening items to create a realistic looking environment.  The new Mystic Oak is at Enchantment - for a full list please see credits below.  Most should be available on Market Place 'here'.

DaD DESIGN "Victorian Sunrise Cottage" @ Shiny Shabby
uK - Spring Cleaning Clothes Line White
uK - Spring Cleaning Clothes Basket
 uK - Mossy Garden Wall Right and Left 
 LB_MysticOak{4Seasons} @ Enchantment 
 HEART - Queen's Maiden Flowering Bushes
 Heart - WildFlowers - Foxgloves - Pink
 Heart - Forest Undergrowth Set
Heart - Ancient Stone Pathway - Curve - C2 
 JIAN Peacock :: Static (Fanned Tail) @ C88
 JIAN Peacock :: Static (Train Tail) @ C88
 anc Garden "secret garden" ROSE {soft/white}  @ C88
 {what next} Marlow Bench
 {what next} Marlow Planter 1 and 3
 {what next} Spring Garden Mailbox (gacha)
 {what next} Spring Garden Bike (decor) (gacha)
 {what next} Spring Garden Birdhouse (gacha)
 {what next) White Bramley Porch Swing (long)
 {what next} Poet's Bench (type /9 menu for texture change)
 Botanical - Boxwood Hedge v2 M (Straight 2x1x1)
 Compulsion Topiary Planter
 :CP: Birdhouse Lanai Wicker Set
Ariskea[Mocorra] Tree plant 2 @ Fameshed
Kalopsia - Flora's Colander - Metal and White (gacha)
A.D.D.Andel! Buried Pot-Terracotta

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