Friday, 2 September 2016

There is a bear in there....

TLC are at Cosmopolitan (Aug 28th - Sept 10th) with a beautiful exclusive 'Bears Creek Scene'.  100% Mesh, and the land impact is 35 - beautiful scene, including animated bears, osprey, jumping salm, stream and varying plants.  The jumping salmon can be turned off, via touch of the middle rock in the pond - its super cute and certainly looks beautiful when set up in natural surrounds.... TLC have recently relocated - so come take a peek at all the amazing creations, scene's, builds, animals ...'here'.  Don't forget to pick up your free anniversary gift, pictured below - a beautiful bird bath, featuring the sweetest little Robin.

Little Branch have an amazing selection of shrubs, tree's, flowers, and plants of all kinds, to suit all seasons throughout the year.  Soon, their new location will be revealed and it looks amazing ... so I urge when this opens (3rd of Sept at this point), to go take a peek - it really is an amazing work of art.  I will update the information when the time arrives...

Cosmopolitan Anniversary Gift
TLC Bears Creek* @ Cosmopolitan 

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