Sunday, 30 October 2016

A snowflake...

-is Winters butterfly-

TLC have the 'Fallow Deer Family' at the current round of Cosmopolitan, which runs from the 24th of October, through till the 5th of Novemeber.  The set includes four deer, all animated with realistic movement - they appear to be looking about their environment, and the large male, actually dips his head to feed from the straw on the ground. Also, included is the straw feeder, which comes in a Winter and Summer version.  There is also the beautiful 'Pheasant' available, with the most amazing true to life colours, and he is also animated.

I've teamed the scene with some of The Little Branches elegant 'Cedar' tree's and set them to Winter, they look amazing in varying sizes and I love the way the light plays off the snow on each.  Also, the 'Snakeweed' and 'Grass' both set to Winter, just add to the realism of the scene.  

The snow is from {anc} 'Dust Snow Dark' ... I found the darker worked better than the light, and added several layers to achieve the 'snow look'....

TLC Fallow deer family including straw feeder*  @ Cosmopolitan
TLC Pheasant [M] @ Cosmopolitan
{anc} dust snow.[dark] animation.blowing 
Skye Studio - Twisted Tree 
Sway's Christmas tree (B) snowed

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