Sunday, 9 October 2016

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...

-Happy Birthday wherever you are-

Cherry House have a fabulous gacha set available at The Project Se7en, called 'Macaroon' with laced tables, chairs, pretty tea pots and tea cups, as well as a host of macaroon's in varying forms.  The rare is a large counter display.  Certainly makes an amazing display and looks gorgeous... 

Glamrus have an amazing selection of 'parent - child' poses - featured is 'Lemonade and Smiles' which can be found in the main store 'here'. 

and.. a new release from Maitreya, gorgeous dress called 'Twist Dress'...

Glam Affair - Lilo Applier ( Catwa / Bibi ) Asia 02 (gacha)
*AvaWay* EVA_Jewelry Set
Doe: Widow (Solid) - Blondes @ Salem
Maitreya Twist Dress * Champagne 
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink - Casual Mesh Hands
IKON Hope Eyes - Brown

Bad Seed -  Mesh Head -
Magika [01] Beans
MuddPuddles: Crissy Dress  - Pink 
MuddPuddles: Patent Dress Shoes 

4.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon-Coffee cup (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
3.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macarons-Teapot (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
8.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon Pagoda (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
5.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon-Pink candy (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
6.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon-Hydrangea cup (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
7.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macarons dessert (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
9.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon-Rose red box (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
11.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon-Purple box (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
12.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon-Green box (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
16.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon-Lace chair (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
13.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon-Open Macarons (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
14.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon-chair (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
15.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon-Lace table (gacha) @ The Project Se7en
2.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Macaroon-Macarons counter -White-RARE @ The Project Se7en
01_8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Coffee House RARE (gacha)
Heart - Forest Undergrowth - Clover - Small
{anc} crystal cluster {IRON / gold}(S) @ Salem 
Kalopsia - Emily's Hanging Planter (gacha)
Kalopsia - Balloon Gift - Long, Square, Large, and Big
Apple Fall Juniper Hedge Tall
Apple Fall Flagstones
Apple Fall Orsett Single Lantern
Apple Fall Confetti Balloon Set
+Half-Deer+ Starlit Spiderweb - Corner Full Web @ Salem
!gO! SteamTeddy +Ace+ and +Furiosa+ @ The Crossroads
::KKs:: Lace straight curtains - White 1
Foxes - Travelling Heart - Whippet - Standing and Sitting - Brown (gacha)
*:..Silvery K..:*BeachParty(MenuBoard)16 (gacha)
*:..Silvery K..:*BeachParty(SignBoard)12 (gacha)
{what next} Party Sparklers (gacha)

Glamrus - Lemonade and Smiles

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