Friday, 9 December 2016

The Cloverleaf II Winter Home Scene...

Galland Homes released this amazing home in August this year and I have been asked to showcase it.  I originally found Galland Homes some years ago and purchased the 'Sedona' - an amazing home, one which to this day I still love.  The care taken in the builds is obvious, with attention to detail ... and I can honestly say that pride of workmanship remains strong with this home, called 'Cloverleaf II'.  You can find the home 'here' in-world.  You can view inside images and a full description which I highly suggest reading to get 'all' the details in Market Place 'here'.

Let me tell you a little about the home itself, in the pack you get two versions - one with the garage and one without (without gives you an extra bedroom).  There are options, to add to this build, including fences, a mailbox, and a snow add on, and I must say, it looks perfect with all components.  The home is 203 Land Impact with 'all' rezzed items, including kitchen, Master Bathroom - this does not include the extra items.  Size is 36 X 31, and suitable for land around 3072 sq.    You can obtain a footprint for the home, at the inworld store 'here'. 

There is a full kitchen included, which comes complete with animations.  Running water to taps, and of course props too for realism.  Also, there is a Master Bathroom that includes shower, and bath tub ... but you're really best off looking at the MP listing to read all the details and see more photographs.  I hope I will be able to feature some more of this beautiful home...

The home also features a control system for access including a fully customisable security system - lockable doors, windows with privacy features (wood blinds for this model), working fireplaces, media control for radio and tv, and a teleport feature. 

....and lastly, Aphrodite has some super cute new releases - the 'Loving Snowmen Couple' , 'Winter Berries Bush' and the 'Winter Tree, Sycamore Young Winter, with Lights'... the Snowmen Couple are so cute and look amazing teamed with the berries ... the tree's are gorgeous with a pretty twinkle to them and all together, they really complete the Winter scene and make it look so pretty.

Galland Homes - Cloverleaf - Models Snow Package
Aphrodite loving snowmen couple
Aphrodite winter berries bush
Aphrodite Winter tree - Sycamore Young Winter with lights
Heart - Illuminated Oak 2 - White Lights
Botanical - Fallen Leaves
Botanical - Decorative Light Set 
Botanical - Boxwood Hedge 
[Con.] Winter Wagons - Full size Rezzable RARE (gacha)  @ The Arcade
CHI - Driveway
Amarie's Dreams - Merry Christmas Lights
[CIRCA] - "Dreamer Light Art" - Gold (glitter)
ionic : Winter Lights (gacha)  @ The Chapter 4
Myrrine - Xmas Decor Gacha - wood decor (gacha)
Thistle Christmas Topiary - Silver & Grey @ Fameshed
Sway's [Door Mat] international (gacha)
.:Bee Designs:.  Pine Trees A 1

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