Friday, 2 December 2016

The Lake Cabin...

DaD DESIGN is at Fameshed which opened today, and runs through till the 27th of December with a gorgeous family home called 'The Lake Cabin'.  This home features an amazing and spacious entrance, that also includes a feature of a double stair case. Please see additional vendor image below for the interior.  There is a large living area, and to the left a family room with a room for a possible kitchen, or laundry, as well as a large balcony.  To the right, there is the master bedroom, that has its own private balcony, and bathroom.  The upstairs, includes 2 attic bedrooms and a bathroom.   The home consists of beautiful large windows, to take in views - all windows can be opened and closed, and adjusted to various of levels for realism. Also, the interior walls of the home can all be customised colour wise, via the wall panel buttons which are scattered throughout the house.  The footage measures 27.9 X 27.6, with a land impact of 214.  The textures are all beautiful, and realistic, and certainly is a fabulous design and layout.  

The Little Branch are also at Fameshed this round with the RiverWood Tree's, with delicate foliage and the 4 seasons menu in touch.  Also, there is a great group gift on offer, which you can see in the vendor image below of the LB Christmas Tree, for group members. 

DaD DESIGN "The Lake Cabin"  @ Fameshed
LB_RiverWood{4Seasons} @ Fameshed
LB_BirdFlower_v1{With Flowers Menu}
[we're CLOSED] grass field green 01 - random
{yumyum} Vine's (green)
uK - Spring Cleaning Clothes Basket Empty
uK - Spring Cleaning Clothes Line Green
uk - Mossy Garden Walls Set 
estatica Musgrove Straight Bench 
Botanical - Fallen Leaves - Pile Large
{what next} Spring Garden Bird Bath (gacha)
{what next} Spring Garden Birdhouse (gacha)
{what next} Lucia  Potted Olive Tree
{what next} Marlow Bench
Storax Tree - Wall Vine Sq Tall Planter Left Ee
Storax Tree - Terracotta Tower of Plants Ae
Nekka's - 1 prim pathwalk rock small
JIAN :: Raccoon Static 
Apple Fall Old Church Gate
Apple Fall Flagstones
Di'Cor Cuddle Wagon Brown 
Heart - OAK - Mature - Summer

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