Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Waiting for Santa...

There is a new round of Cosmopolitan happening and Hello Tuesday for the 6th of December.  Below are some of the items available for this current round....

 Hello Tuesday has no.match with the 'no-love' hair in blonds - cute little pony-tale with tendrils falling about the face.  Pop on over, and check out the many Tuesday special available just for today!

Mesh India have a delightful Christmas gacha full of all sorts of amazing goodies, some include, Christmas tree which has a texture change in the cloth tree surround, Presents, Pine Cones, Gifts for him, Gifts for her, Gifts for the kids and more.  

Lagom also has a fabulour gacha set to collect, including the Ultra Rare 'Hideout' build, a gorgeous canopy bed that is rare, and chairs, chests, rugs, stars, plants, rocking chair, sleigh, wall decorations and a lot, lot more.  This set is a real delight and will spruce up any home needing that Christmas look.

Myrrine also has a gacha available with the quaintest of items - some include a Santa gnome, Cross Stitch art, Candles, Wall Decor, and more.

Persefona has a beautiful hair wreath available, with many colour choices. Each pack comes with various add ons - there are so many.  Bows/ribbons, baby's breath flowers, and so much more.   A very unique and beautiful hair accessory for Christmas .. stunning.

{ViSion} have a beautiful lingerie set available, a wealth of pretty colours and looks amazing on.  Suitable for the Belleza mesh bodies, Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass and Physique.  Two versions available, one more revealing with open breast. 

and lastly, Di's Opera has a series of 5 poses, called 'Refinement' - each of the poses are elegant stances, and quite pretty.

no.match_ ~ NO_LOVE ~ Pack of BLONDS @ Hello Tuesday
Persefona Lotte Wreath (red) @ Cosmopolitan
{ViSion} - Lingerie Elena - Beige @  Cosmopolitan
{ViSion} - Lingerie Elena - Garter / Panties - Beige @  Cosmopolitan
Izzie's - Eternity Choker white (gacha)
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

4 Mesh India Gift of Kids (1 LI)  (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
9 Mesh India Gift Boxes (3 LI) (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
10Mesh India  Christmar Tree (11 LI) 5 color cloth {RARE} (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
5 Mesh India Gift for Mom ( 1 LI) (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
8 Mesh India Gift for Girls (2 LI) (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
[15] LAGOM - Snowdrop [Christmas stars Silver]  (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
[14] LAGOM - Snowdrop [Walldecal] (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
[09] LAGOM - Snowdrop [Festive plant] (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
[01] LAGOM - Snowdrop [Hideout] ULTRARARE (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
[03] LAGOM - Snowdrop [Bed] RARE (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
[15e] LAGOM - Snowdrop [Christmas stars Silver] (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
[10] LAGOM - Snowdrop [Plant] (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
[04] LAGOM - Snowdrop [chest] (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
[06] LAGOM - Snowdrop [Rug1]  (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
Myrrine - Nordic Christmas - 01 wall decor RARE (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
Myrrine - Nordic Christmas - 05 wall decor (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
Myrrine - 8 MI Gift for Girls  (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
Myrrine - Nordic Christmas - 07 gnome (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
Myrrine - Nordic Christmas - 08 cross stitch art (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
Myrrine - Nordic Christmas - 03 tree decor RARE (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
Myrrine - Nordic Christmas - 04 candle tall & short (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
Myrrine - Nordic Christmas - 06 single straw star and Straw Stars (gacha) @  Cosmopolitan
{anc} forget. Swallow 5Li (gacha)
Dutchie long sheer curtains
[ keke ] twinkling lights log - bare wood (modified)

Di's Opera - Refinement #1 (5 poses in set) @  Cosmopolitan

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