Saturday, 14 January 2017

Luxury French Country Kitchen...

Aphrodite & Heart Homes has two new releases for your home - the 'Luxury French Country Kitchen' and the matching 'Luxury French Country Dinning'.   The kitchen is available in Family and Adult versions - both versions have a range of varying scenes and is low land impact, with the addition of 98 varying props that rez.  Cook realistically, including cooking from raw to cooked.  Also, the kitchen has varying colour choices, to personally adjust to your own decor scene.  Minimum LI is 37 and highest is 72 - depending on the props used.  Animations include - Chair, 10 solo animations, and 6 props.  Work Area, 7 solo poses, couple 3 poses, family of 4, 6 poses and 50 props.  Kitchen, solo is 11 poses, couple 7 poses, family of 4, 6 poses, and 42 props.

The Dining room comes complete with chair, table, table-runner, beige and red roses vase, book pile, table lamp, wall lamp, dresser table and cabinet. Matches in perfectly with the kitchen and looks superb together as a setting .... LI 42.

Both settings are available to demo in world 'here'...or find on Market Place 'here'...

Aphrodite & Heart Homes - Luxury French Country Kitchen
Aphrodite & Heart Homes - Luxury French Country Dining Room

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