Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Loft - Skybox

DaD Design is at Ultra this round with the contemporary 'The Loft, Skybox'.  Spacious with room to move and decorate till your hearts content - many gorgeous features, including feature walls, fancy wooden wall dividers, and a large modern wall fireplace.  Footprint is 
*The Loft Contemporary skybox/loft 30.5x 28.0 with a land impact of 50. 

Many gorgeous features, including feature walls, and a fancy modern wall fireplace ... 

DaD DESIGN - The Loft Skybox @ Ultra
DaD DESIGN - Boby Floor Lamp (gift) @ Ultra
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Gounda Plate
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Books with Bookends - COMMON (gacha)
Warm Animations - Twilight - Romantic Telescope
junk. money plant.
Kalopsia - Tainted Palm - Blue RARE (gacha)
6. (luc) Chocolate Faux Fur Rug (gacha) @ The Seasons Story
:CP: Taylor Rugs
:CP: Taylor Sofa (Adult)
..::TH::.. Morgan Chair
..::TH::.. Morgan Grog Cellar
..::TH::.. Old Map
..::THOR::.. Vintage Telephone with sound
JIAN Southern Shelties 8. Sleeping Sheltie (gacha)  @ The Epiphany
ionic : Winter Lights (gacha)
Kalopsia - Neon Light (gacha)
floorplan. neon hit it / gold
NOMAD // Airplane Decor (gacha)
NOMAD // Propeller Table (gacha)
NOMAD // Grandfather Clock (gacha)
NOMAD // Airplane Mobile (gacha)
NOMAD // Aviator Table Lamp (gacha)
:HAIKEI: Save room for my love_gacha {3} @ Kustom9
LTD Studded Cushion (Chic)
Apple Fall Tournament Billiards Table (Adult)
.10 [ kunst ] - Cabernet Suavignon 2012 bottle (gacha)
.10 [ kunst ] - Chardonnay 2016 bottle (gacha)
.01 [ kunst ] - Wine stave wall rack (gacha)
Ariskea[Nordica]  Hybrid Roses  Yellow
-David Heather-Austri Laptop (gacha)

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