Friday, 17 February 2017

Step back in time....

At Cosmopolitan this round (13th of Feb - 25th of Feb) there are some amazing creations, including the Spargle and Shine's 'Digby Shoals Cottage' - this set comes complete with a home, and garden/fence, all linked. The footprint is 10 X 10 and the yard is 22 X 23 approx.  Land Impact for the house is 86 and the yard 26.   There are gorgeous vintage style shutters, that open and close, with flower boxes full of sweet daisies. The exterior walls can be changed with 5 options, and the interior walls there are 43 options.  The cottage can be resized, but the land impact will increase.

Mesh India are also back at Cosmopolitan, with the 'Classic Retro Car Dinning'   - a gorgeous creation, unique and totally different with the dinning option inside the vehicle.  Choice of PG or adult, with some cool poses.  There are 11 colour options, with a land impact of 15.

Moss and Mink have the 'Heart Collection' set - I have featured the 'heart and star pillow set' only, though, the set also consists of wall hanging, ottoman, and a heart photo string.  Its a gorgeous set, and worth investigating closer at Cosmopolitan.  I have included the vendor image for full details.

ChiC buildings have the 'Gazebo and Decore available this round of Cosmopolitan - includes 2 finishes, the light and the cedar wood.  Set consists of Balls and Vase Decor, Bench Table, Friends Bench, Gazebo Bench, Patio Base, Lattice Standing Planter, Sunflower, Gazebo, Wood Fence, and Wood Fence with Planter.  Please see vendor image for full close up details. 

Also, Runic Design has the 'Sweet Vayne'  gacha set at Cosmopolitan.  I have featured the mailbox and the pet bed, but there is plenty more in this delightful set.  Again, please see vendor add below for all the details .....

...and lastly 'CCD has the 'Garden Deco Plant' available at Cosmopolitan - available in 3 styles, and are rather unique in style and look fabulous in any style of garden.  

Spargle and Shine - Digby Shoals Cottage & Yard Linked @ Cosmopolitan
Mesh India - Classic Retro Car Dining PG @ Cosmopolitan
{moss&mink} Heart & Star pillow set @ Cosmopolitan
[ChiC buildings] Friends Bench - Light @ Cosmopolitan
[ChiC buildings] Victorian Gazebo - Light @ Cosmopolitan
Runic Design: Sweet Vayne Wood Love @ Cosmopolitan
CCD - MESH Garden Deco Plant  003 @ Cosmopolitan
LB_OakWood{Seasons} @ Hello Tuesday
uK - Spring Cleaning Clothes Line White
T-Spot Birdsfoot Trefoil Meadow - Glow Blue
Labrador - Mesh 
Calico Cat Lying - Mesh 
CHI - Driveway

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