Saturday, 27 May 2017

Riverside Cottage...

DaD Design is at Ultra with the 'Riverside Cottage', its gorgeous with a gorgeous modern feel with wide open space inside.  Contemporary with large windows, almost a piece of art work in themselves, to show amazing outdoor scene's around the cottage.  Included is various path options, which can be used to enhance walkways around or nearby the home.   The land impact stands at 39 which includes the planters near the entrance, with a foot print of 24.5 X 16.3.  A simple breeze to decorate, with ample room to create homey spaces .....  

unKindness do a variety of amazing home and garden decor, and the best part it can often be adapted into a scene in numerous ways.   I took the 'Stone Garden Wall Set' and in 'edit' changed the colour to suit the wood of the home ... this set is stunning, with many components and ways of using.   Also, the 'My Zen Set'  this set includes the arbor and plant, though only the arbor was used in this image.   Colours available in the set are Black, Brown, Red and White ... 

DaD DESIGN "Riverside Cottage" c/m  @ Ultra
uK - My Zen Arbor Brown * now In-store
uK - Stone Garden Wall Full
ARIA - Palermo Vignette @ Deco(c)rate
Apple Fall Shield Terracotta Pot
floorplan. string party lights A [on]
{vespertine}-dreamers vehicle/botanica (gacha)
Cat Looking - Mesh
Labrador - Mesh 
*HEXtraordinary* Fat Red Squirrel - Standing (gacha)
*HEXtraordinary* Fat White Squirrel Raider - RARE (gacha)
:Fanatik Architecture: LISBON Dead End
Mesh Plants - Stone Ring and Soil
Mesh Plants - Hydrangea Bush - White
3D Trees - Eucalyptus (Australia)
3D Trees - marsh plant 
{what next} Spring Garden Bird Bath (gacha)
{what next} Spring Garden Birdhouse (gacha)
[New Age Industries] Roadster
Botanical - Wood Park Bench
Botanical - Boxwood Bush
Botanical - Boxwood Hedge 
Landscaping by Felix -  Mesh Flower Bush
!ROIRO! - Hanging planter (Unknown plants)
ROIRO - Potted tree with Ivy Bow
{yumyum} Vines
Bad Seed - Sim Clutter - Milk Bottles (gacha)

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