Monday, 24 July 2017

Woodland Bedroom Setting....

Zen Creations have a beautiful bedroom setting .... called 'Woodland', it consists of an amazing colour hud, which you can view all the colours 'here'. 

The set includes Bed with adult menu, curtain canopy, bench with animations, tulips in a vase, white vases, and antlers.  You can read all about the animations included 'here' in Market Place.  

then here is the Zen Creations 'I love you sew much' set, which consists of a crate, with the wording on the front., scissors, cotton reels, pin-cushion, and picture frame.  Its these little sets which can really make your home into a 'home' ... all those little details really make it perfect. 

The Half Moon Market have a beautiful set of 'Tulip Lamps' available at The Home Show, 2017.  There are 4 metal textures - Bronze, Chrome, Copper and Iron.  Touch to turn on, with a nice soft lighting, that is not over-powering ... perfect actually.  Each colour comes with two sizes, a large floor, and a table top lamp.   Gorgeous!!!

...and Calm have made a lovely set of wall decor items in 3 colour shades, Jade, Dark and Light Wood.  These are fabulous for adding extra zing to any room or even outdoor.  Easy to re-size via edit menu and look amazing .....and have the nicest brass corners.

Lastly, all the beautiful decor items from Apple Fall.... perfect!

Zen Creations - Woodland Bed Set (Adult & PG Menu) 
Apple Fall 'Still Life Observation' w/ Dust Sheet
Apple Fall Milton Curtains
Apple Fall Design a Planter
Apple Fall Liberty Sketchbook
Apple Fall L'Air Frais
Apple Fall  Supplies w/ Spectacles
Apple Fall Original: Swan Study
Apple Fall Horse Bust Fragment
Apple Fall Heart String and Loose Heart String w/ Scissors
Dutchie long sheer curtains
Calm. Song . Wall Decor . Light Wood 
dust bunny . spring laundry basket
dust bunny . potted bromeliad
dust bunny . potted palm
::Knick Knacks:: table white
{e}Heart & Home Collection Heart
[Tia] Valarie Hallway Table
[Tia] Quilted Fur Rug
[Tia] Valarie Silverleaf Glass Vase
Birdy. Cabaret- Princess Puss - White (gacha)
Bazar - Stockholm-Sneakers decor (female)
:CP: La Belle Flower Basket Exclusive (epiphany)
Chic Buildings -  Balls and Vase Decor - warm
Trompe Loeil - Shelter Island Cottage Vanilla

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  1. Breathtaking photography, scene set up so perfect as always, windlight just amazing, such wonderful art thank you Sandie for including Zen!