Monday, 7 August 2017

Arthur Cottage, Builders Box

The Builders Box has been released for August, 2017 with some amazing builds, including those from Sways as featured.  Also, Merak, Lagom, Raindale, Kite, Craftwork, Shultz Bros, Thistle Homes, Newchurch and Serenity Style.  You can view all the builds released 'here'...

Builder's Box is a brand new quarterly subscription box which started in May, packed full of nothing but homes, sky-boxes & other builds from 10 great creators. The Builders Box is released every 3 months, and features a mix of both established & newer stores, Builder's Box aims to provide a wide variety of builds from designers who each have their own unique, individual style.

You can read more about Builders Box on the website 'here'.

 You can order in-world HERE (15th of July pre-orders start)

or via Market Place HERE (including previous boxes)

The Arthur Cottage was created by Sway's, who do some pretty amazing builds and creations.  There is a series of various colours available when you unpack the box, including - berry, grass, natural, ocean, sky, and sun. There is a single room inside, with large windows, and an upstairs loft area, with a ladder.  Touching the inside wall, brings up the menu to colour change the interior walls - 12 all up, including some nice patterns.  I must also add, that each of the colours of the cottages, comes with various colours for the inside - not all are the same. Land Impact is 23 plus 1 for the ladder, measuring 12.5 X 9 M and 7.3 M - can be resized, but as always, resizing can impact the LI.

Sway's [Arthur] Cottage . natural @ Builders Box  *New Release
hive // old doorbell (gacha)
~isil~ *Nautica* Seagull - Painted (gacha)
TA Summertime Beach Tote
TA Holidays Kite
[Jammin] Wood & Rope Fencing 
TLC Pelican Animated
TLC Seagull - Standing and Flying
TLC Red-crowned Crane
CONVAIR Plains Windmill
NOMAD // Vintage Roadtrip Car // Blue
LB_DracaenaTree.@ Deco(c)rate
ionic : Bonfire @ The Chapter 4
..::THOR::.. 9 - Boho Guitar (gacha) @ Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. 4 - White Surf (gacha) @ Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. 10 - Grunge Barrel Seat (gacha) @ Cosmopolitan
dust bunny . hanging flower pot . mint (gacha)
dust bunny . folding side table (gacha)
dust bunny . lounging chair (gacha)
dust bunny . shade umbrella (gacha)
dust bunny . darling hanging plant
Ariskea  [ Porcelain]  Tropical Plant 1 (gacha)
Ariskea  [ Porcelain]  Tropical Plant 2 (gacha)
[Brixley] porch rules sign
[ keke ] beers on ice RARE (gacha)
.:revival:. tropical chair and Pillow Basket @ Deco(c)rate
Clothes Line Laundry Day and Washtub CHEZ MOI @ ULTRA
+Half-Deer+ Carefree Sandals Clutter - Row
Kalopsia - Polly's Watermelon Punch
Storax Tree - Seaside Repose Decor Scene
PILOT - Tropical Shade Pack [Tropical]
floorplan. leaning oars
floorplan. clothing optional sign
Botanical - King Fern 
Botanical - Beach Boardwalk
Heart - Coco Palms-Groves-Mixed
Heart - Tropical Yucca
[we're CLOSED] pole with life buoy
[we're CLOSED] dry weed S
[we're CLOSED] boulders 1 light
Skye Beach Dune
Skye Banana Plant
Skye Zingiberaceae
Skye Alligator Apple Bush
Skye Wild Grass
TMG - Coastal Cliff (modified)

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  1. Thank you for the lovely post! The scene you created is beautiful.

    btw, the Land impact of the Arthur Cottage is the same for all of them, 23 +1 for the Ladder.